Join us in the mountains beside the lake for 5 days of rebooting, recalibrating, and reconnecting...
THE WALK, a life-changing online course by Melody Ross of Brave Living & Brave Girls Club, has been taken by thousands all over the world. Now, for the first time ever, we are joining together to work through this course live and in person--
and we're doing it in the most beautiful setting we know.
WHAT IT IS: A 5-day, 6-night all-inclusive mountain experience for women... 5 days that will make you remember what's real, what brings you joy, and who you want to be. 5 days of beauty, soul awakening, and fun. 5 days to step out of the fearful chaos of the world, to remember what peace feels like... and to learn to take it home with you forever.

Hosted by Brave Living. We've been doing retreats and online classes for over 7 years, including over 40 world-renowned Brave Girl Camp experiences. Come on over to our Facebook page... we'd love to meet you!

WHERE: on a gorgeous peninsula of Payette Lake, high in the mountains of McCall, Idaho, at a 75-year-old camp called Paradise Point.

WHEN: September 16-21, 2018 (Sunday through Friday)
What Am I Going to Learn at The Walk - Mountain Experience?
The Walk has been one of our favorite online courses at Brave Living for several years now. The lessons you'll learn are a culmination of everything Melody has learned through the incredible stories of her 45+ years of life… through childhood, through finding the love of her life, through building a multimillion-dollar international business, through losing her husband for 6 years to a traumatic brain injury, through losing every dime and worldly possession in a bankruptcy, and through losing sight of truth and worth and peace… and then, through the grueling path out of hell where she learned how truth and worth and peace can be found in abundance.

"When you’ve been down some really rough roads, and made your way to the other side...there is nothing you want more than to help others who are on rough roads get to the other side. We have to share our maps. We have to share the ways out of dark places and the ways back to places of peace and wholeness. This is part of being a human family, to help each other to get back to where we belong."​​​​
- Melody

The curriculum of The Walk is quite robust, but most of it boils down to one important concept: The Carnival and The Campfire.

The Carnival, when you hear it described, will sound all too familiar. It is the crazy, noisy, earn-your-place world all around us. Where appearances are of paramount importance. Where everything seems to be a game, and all that matters is winning. Where your worth is conditional… determined by your body, your bank account, your Facebook likes. Where everyone is dividing, but everyone is deeply craving connection. Where you’re always so tired, but you’re terrified of what might happen if you stop sprinting.

The Campfire is the antithesis of The Carnival. Around The Campfire, everyone has a spot, and they don’t have to earn it. Everyone is a soul… nothing more, nothing less. Everyone has a story, and everyone gets to share theirs—so our stories can connect us, and teach us. Around The Campfire, you get to rest. You get to listen to yourself—because your self is very, very smart. We listen to each other, we remind each other of our best parts, we connect with each other. We connect with the simple beauty of the world around us. The Campfire is everything good and real… everything your soul needs, but has been cheated out of by The Carnival.

At The Walk Mountain Experience, we will be diving into this contrast in detail… we’ll talk about how The Carnival feels, what kinds of things we hear at The Carnival, and ways we might have found ourselves trapped there in the past. But more importantly, we’ll look at how dramatically different it feels around The Campfire… We’ll learn how to find our way there, and how to stay when The Carnival tries to drag us back in. We’ll learn how to hear truth quietly speaking within us. We’ll learn how to be a “Campfire person,” who makes others feel loved, empowered, and peaceful.

If you’ve come to a Brave Living event before (such as Brave Girl Camp), or taken one of our online courses, you know the deep and life-changing truths you’ll find in this curriculum… and if you haven’t been through one of our courses, you’re in for a big beautiful surprise.
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What is the location like?

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

High in the mountains of McCall, Idaho, Paradise Point is a 75-year-old camp on a forested peninsula, surrounded by the lapping blue waters of Payette Lake. Deer and chipmunks roam among the hundreds of trees, and the sands of the beach are only steps away. Off the stone cliffs of the point, a string of islands trails into the distance.

The camp itself is gorgeous, rustic, and charming. All along the water are quaint wooden cabins laid one after another, each equipped with 4-6 bunks (adorned with mattresses and cozy sheets, of course!). Lanterns will be provided for light, and you're welcome to further decorate your cabin with anything else you'd like. Friends old and new with gather here to rest and recharge before the next incredible day begins.

At the center of the camp grounds is the dining hall, complete with a sprawling deck overlooking the beach and the islands. We’ll dine here together for all three meals—delicious food served camp-style on trays.

While the cabins are old-world and without power, the communal bathrooms are well-equipped. Power, showers, and toilets will welcome you at the door… because as wonderful as the unplugged mountain camp experience is, bathrooms are one place we prefer modern comforts!

Out on the point itself, a heart-stopping stone labyrinth has been built. The stillness that comes to mind and heart while walking the path of the labyrinth, surrounded by trees and water, is something out of this world.

Paradise Point is also packed with adventures. Dozens of kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddles sit on the beach, so you can roam out into the cove and weave through the islands… trust us, there’s nothing quite like the calm silence of floating in a mountain lake while the sun rises or sets. Inland, the camp is equipped with an archery range, a high ropes course, a towering zipline, and much more. Many of these things may be totally new experiences to you, and your brain might be saying “there’s no way I’d ever do that”… but we think once you’re there, your heart will wake up and crave some things that might surprise you.

We are not exaggerating when we say that your mind and heart will be in awe, over and over, as you explore the grounds of this truly special patch of paradise. We absolutely cannot wait for you to experience it.

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Welcome to Paradise Point... let's meet soul-to-soul around the campfire, at the labyrinth overlooking the lake, or at the dining table nestled below the towering trees.
When's the last time you went on a real adventure?
The epic details...
All-inclusive retreat with curriculum personally taught by Melody Ross of Brave Living

Sept 16-21, 2018 (Sunday through Friday)
Paradise Point on Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho

- 6 nights lodging: 4 nights rustic lodging at Paradise Point on the shores of Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho, and 2 nights lodging at Hilton Garden Inn in Eagle, ID (McCall is a high mountain location far from Boise's airport--you'll stay at this gorgeous riverside hotel for one night prior to shuttling up to the mountains, and one night upon return)
- All Meals (except dinner on Sunday and Friday nights)
- Transportation from Eagle, Idaho to McCall, Idaho
- ‘The Walk’ Curriculum and Supplies
- Art Supplies
- Workbook and Preparatory Activities will be mailed to you 4 weeks in advance
Included Activities:
- ‘The Walk’ Curriculum (created and taught by Melody Ross)
- group work and discussion, in the lodge or outside
- art journaling or regular journaling
- guided evening hikes on private forest trails 
- sunrise yoga on the point overlooking the lake with Kolleen Harrison
- sunset labyrinth meditation walks on the cliff-top labyrinth overlooking the lake
- soulful art projects of all kinds... painting, ceramics, and more
- star gazing & learning from Marq (Scoutmaster & outdoorsman)... have you ever watched the stars from the mountains, on a cliff overlooking the lake? With no light pollution? Just lying comfortably on your back on the top of a mountain, seeing the brush strokes of the Milky Way galaxy and nothing else? Well, there’s nothing quite like it. 
- learning to read a compass by Marq
- group activities with your cabin-mates
- kayaking
- canoeing
- stand-up paddling
- swimming
- campfires with storytelling, wild & hilarious skits and campfire songs (and s’mores of course!)
- archery
- zipline
- ropes course
- high mountain swing

Physical Requirements: We'll be going on lots of short guided hikes! You MUST be able to hike basic mountain trails.

Lodging at Paradise Point is in rustic vintage cabins with no electricity or heating, bunk beds (with mattresses and nice cozy bedding provided). Shared bathrooms (with electrical outlets) and showers are a short walk from the cabins.
Food is provided by Paradise Point. Special diets such as gluten free and vegetarian are accommodated (indicate preferences when registering).
Transportation: comfortable commercial bus ride from the Hilton Garden Inn in Eagle, Idaho, to McCall, Idaho and back.

 Optional Private Room at Hilton on Sunday and Friday nights for additional cost
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What airport do I fly into?
Boise, Idaho (BOI)

What time should I book my flights? 
You can arrive anytime on Sunday, September 16. Your lodging at The Hilton on Sunday night is included in your tuition, and we'll all depart from the hotel together on Monday morning.

Your departing flight can be anytime on the following Saturday, September 22--your lodging at The Hilton on Friday night is included in your tuition as well.

Is The Walk a similar experience to Brave Girl Camp? 
The Walk is quite different from Brave Girls Camp, both in the daily activities and in the curriculum.

Brave Girls Camp was something of a "pampering" experience--comfy couches, hotel rooms, and gourmet home-cooked meals. The Walk, though it will be comfortable, clean, and safe, will be much more of a rustic and outdoors-oriented experience. We'll spend most of our time outside, whether it's seated around a campfire, hiking through the trees, or kayaking on the lake. Food will be delicious and healthy, but more in tune with a camp experience than a resort experience.

The Walk curriculum is also totally distinct from the Soul Restoration curriculum taught at Brave Girls Camp in the past. Soul Restoration is our core, flagship course, now taught by certified instructors all over the map. If you're looking for a Soul Restoration event, find one of these amazing instructors near you.

What kind of weather should I expect? 
Idaho has four distinct seasons with everything from hot weather in the summer to snowy days in the winter. We will be in touch when your camp nears to let you know what to expect.

What should I bring with me? 
We’ll be in contact with you when you register and we’ll provide you with a packing list. This is a true mountain experience, so there will be a few specific things you might not have on hand yet. 

What about computers and phones? 
We are 100% unplugged at The Walk. We ask that you leave your laptops and iPads and such at home and turn OFF cell phones for the duration of camp. This is a very important part of what makes camp so special. Don’t worry — your loved ones will have an emergency contact number so that you can be reached if needed. You deserve this to be the best experience possible and unplugging is a critical part of that. (When was the last time you were in a room with a group of people where no one was texting or checking their messages?) You’ll be able to really focus on yourself and the incredible experiences you are having. Trust us – it’ll be okay.

Can you work around food allergies? 
We can definitely feed you if you have food allergies or intolerances! If you need a special menu, just let us know and we’ll make sure that your meals are delicious and awesome so that you can have a stellar experience just like anyone else.