It is noisy out there. Distractions, notifications, ‘urgent’ needs, and endless advertisements beg for your time and energy... It starts to feel like you’re being pulled in five different directions, none of them quite aligned with that quiet feeling deep in your core, gently whispering “none of this is who you are.”

You know there must be more to life than this… or at least, you used to know. That feeling seems to be growing fainter and fainter beneath the buzz of lights and noise, the crazy chaos carnival of life. And just like a sneaky carnival game, a thousand messages assault you every moment, none of them quite feeling true, but pulling you in all the same… buy this, hide that, look like this, watch this, stay in your group, earn your place, don’t say that… and on and on, ‘til you’re exhausted from sprinting everywhere, but so scared about what might happen if you stop sprinting. 

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

Life is meant to feel like sitting around a campfire. The warmth is real, the light is soft and calming. The people are together--REALLY, actually together--sharing stories of struggle and triumph, sharing vulnerabilities, sharing truth. No qualifications are needed. Status is nowhere to be found. No one is comparing themselves to anyone else. Hard work went into splitting the wood and catching the fish for dinner… heartful work, from a place of meaning and self-respect. Everyone has a spot. Everyone is enough. Everyone matters.

This isn’t some naive, utopian fantasy--this is how life should feel. Your life can feel like this.
I know, because I lived it. I know the way it feels to walk around constantly hiding yourself behind a cardboard cutout, making sure your cardboard cutout appears strong, capable, shiny, clean. I spent over a decade building an international business, and learned so much (the hard way) about the carnival way of life... I got so ensnared by all of it, and my body and soul paid the price... adrenal failure, shame, and so much confusion about what's even real, what even matters. It was a long and painful journey to learn the art of pitching that cardboard cutout in the campfire, and it's a scary step.

But you can't connect with cardboard. And I knew I was starved for connection... with myself, and with others. And once I finally did ditch the carnival... everything changed dramatically.

Once you experience this campfire way of life, you’ll see the chaos carnival for what it is: a big, noisy, grimy assemblage of tricks and distractions. Once you walk out of its gates and spend a little time immersed in what’s real, you’ll look back at the carnival and laugh at the idea that it ever had any allure. And if you ever approach its chain-link fence again, it’ll be to catch the eye of a weary soul on the inside, so you can tell them, “hey… we’re having a campfire over here, and we saved a spot for you.”

Wherever you are now--whether it’s fully ensnared by some carnival game, or outside the gates with a bad taste in your mouth, wondering what the alternative is to this big dumb game--you are not far from a meaningful life. Everything you need for the creation and living of that life is already in you… and we can walk you through the process of digging those tools up and using them.

Naturally, you may feel wary of taking this step. It’s a change, and change is scary! What is far scarier, though, is the thought of spending any more years of life wandering around through the noise, disconnected from yourself and the people around you. Whatever discomfort we may experience as a result of walking away from the carnival is so worth it--in fact, it’s a gift in itself. It’s the feeling of severing ties to something that’s sapping your soul’s energy…. Leaving you FREE.

The hardest part is taking four days away from the people and responsibilities you care so much about--and this is a very real sacrifice. There are two very important components to this… one: the people you love will be okay! They will miss you, but they will be okay for 4 days. They love you and want you to have time for yourself. And, two: With the tools you gain at this experience, you will return home ready to show up and connect with your beloveds and your responsibilities in new and powerful ways. We’ve watched this beautiful process happen over and over again.

Over the span of nearly a decade, we've held dozens of retreats and events, and helped thousands of people through our online classes--giving people soulwork tools is what we do. Below, hear from a few of our beloved alumni...

Brigid C.
"There are moments in my life where I could see the shift, stand at a crossroad and know that I was at a crossroad, that the decision I would make would alter my life, and Brave Girls Camp was one. It shifted everything in me. It was a defining moment that created a trajectory that has not stopped in my life. I am so thankful."
Christa A.
“My family has noticed a difference in me, I've been told that I came home with a lot more confidence. My mom told me that when I was a tiny little girl and she would call my name and I would always answer it with a great big smile and she knew that I was born to be more than just her daughter, that I would do wonderful things. She recently told me that she could see those wonderful things starting to happen and Brave Girls is the reason why. I'm just grateful to have that little girl back."
Laurie J.

“I would absolutely 100% recommend BGC and have to many, many people. I've paid for a couple of people to take Soul Restoration. What Brave Girls Club is doing is such amazing and important work. Every woman needs to go to Camp..... Listen to the whisper of your soul. You'll know when it's the right time for you to go.”

The Walk Mountain Experience -- Aided by a one-of-a-kind curriculum written by Melody Ross, you will equip yourself with the tools to recognize what’s real and what’s not. And you’ll do it in one of the most beautiful places on earth, empowered by the quiet energy of the trees and the water and the birds and the sky.

Imagine those cords that connect you to your soul, and to the souls of others… they may have been worn ragged, assaulted for years by the chaos and the noise all around--but there’s a special power that comes from gathering with other weary warriors in such a magical patch of nature. And those cords of connection will be healed rapidly.

And though this experience will be a memory to cherish forever, that’s not the most important thing you’ll take home. You will walk back into your life with powerful tools… tools to recognize meaning, and to choose it always. And, with your glowing campfire roaring, you’ll want nothing more than to invite others to live the same way.

All The Epic Details
The Walk - Mountain Experience
All-inclusive retreat with curriculum personally taught by Melody Ross of Brave Living

Sept 16-21, 2018 (Sunday through Friday)
Paradise Point on Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho

- 6 nights lodging: 4 nights rustic lodging at Paradise Point on the shores of Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho, and 2 nights lodging at Hilton Garden Inn in Eagle, ID (McCall is a high mountain location far from Boise's airport--you'll stay at this gorgeous riverside hotel for one night prior to shuttling up to the mountains, and one night upon return)
- All Meals (except dinner on Sunday and Friday nights)
- Transportation from Eagle, Idaho to McCall, Idaho
- ‘The Walk’ Curriculum and Supplies
- Art Supplies
- Workbook and Preparatory Activities will be mailed to you 4 weeks in advance
Included Activities:
- ‘The Walk’ Curriculum (created and taught by Melody Ross)
- group work and discussion, in the lodge or outside
- art journaling or regular journaling
- guided evening hikes on private forest trails 
- sunrise yoga on the point overlooking the lake with Kolleen Harrison
- sunset labyrinth meditation walks on the cliff-top labyrinth overlooking the lake
- soulful art projects of all kinds... painting, ceramics, and more
- star gazing & learning from Marq (Scoutmaster & outdoorsman)... have you ever watched the stars from the mountains, on a cliff overlooking the lake? With no light pollution? Just lying comfortably on your back on the top of a mountain, seeing the brush strokes of the Milky Way galaxy and nothing else? Well, there’s nothing quite like it. 
- learning to read a compass by Marq
- group activities with your cabin-mates
- kayaking
- canoeing
- stand-up paddling
- swimming
- campfires with storytelling, wild & hilarious skits and campfire songs (and s’mores of course!)
- archery
- zipline
- ropes course
- high mountain swing

Physical Requirements: We'll be going on lots of short guided hikes! You MUST be able to hike basic mountain trails.

Lodging at Paradise Point is in rustic vintage cabins with no electricity or heating, bunk beds (with mattresses and nice cozy bedding provided). Shared bathrooms (with electrical outlets) and showers are a short walk from the cabins.
Food is provided by Paradise Point. Special diets such as gluten free and vegetarian are accommodated (indicate preferences when registering).
Transportation: comfortable commercial bus ride from the Hilton Garden Inn in Eagle, Idaho, to McCall, Idaho and back.

 Optional Private Room at Hilton on Sunday and Friday nights for additional cost

Find the packing list and lots more helpful info on this page.

Katie V.
My favorite thing about (camp) is that you can just be yourself. You can show up as you— an artist or non artist. Wearing your kind of clothes, hairstyle, whatever. Talking how you talk. Feeling how you feel. All is right and nothing is wrong. You are wholly and completely accepted for who YOU are. There is no reason to hide any part of you, and parts of you that maybe have been hiding can feel free to come out for the first time in a long time. You can just be you and everybody is so happy to know the real you!!
Amy G.
"As a mom of 3, I wasn't used to doing anything for myself. I felt a tremendous amount of guilt for leaving my children and spending money on myself. I was also afraid that I would't be 'hip' enough. I've always struggled with vulnerability and making friends so I was afraid I wouldn't fit in and that no one would like me... I know now that I NEED to take care of myself. I am more centered. I am ok with living a calm life. I've finally learned to stop beating myself up over things that happened in my past.... I've also embraced my fear of vulnerability and have reached out to people...this is who I am."
Jenny K.
“Was I scared? Yes. Was I nervous wondering if these women would love me? Yes. Was I feeling selfish for spending money on myself? Yes. But I did it anyway, because. I knew it was something I needed to do. Just to start my journey to discovering my heart. … It is so worth your time. Every part of my experience was worth it….. Open your heart and your mind to the rest it needs. Be willing to do the heart work.”
When's the last time you went on a real adventure?

Five days immersed in a magical, immensely powerful patch of nature. The trees and the water and the sky will set the stage for a total change of trajectory... away from the noise, away from the spinning, away from the confusion... and toward your truth, your purpose, your peace.

Join us by the campfire this September... we saved a spot for you.